Other Fish Species


There are many other species that we go after, depending upon what’s biting and the time of year: snook, permit, jacks, cero mackerel, bonita (little tunny), snappers, barracuda, sharks and more!

peter's snookA nice snook caught on the fly.

031 Noah - SnookNoah Ramos with a nice snook.  Photo by Fernando Ramos

DSC_0123another snook on the fly.
Of course, permit are undoubtedly the most difficult fish here to catch on the fly.  Kind of like catching a unicorn.  Here, Capt. Drue and Capt. Adam show off Adam’s catch. 
DSC_0047almaco jack caught on the fly
19 Noah - Yellowtail
Noah with a yellowtail snapper
DSC_0291Bonita (also known as little tunny or false albacore) on the fly.  These fish are a blast to catch!  They are lightning fast and will put you into your backing before you know it!  They are also quite finicky and it can be difficult to get them to eat a fly.  I’ve figured out a few things about them and I have some flies that work well! 
DSC_0069another “little tunny”
St. John Fly fishing
Evan Jones loves to catch bonita on the fly – and he ties some deadly bonita flies!
DSC_0518Capt. AJ and a nice little blackfin tuna caught on the fly.  When the weather is just right, this is our favorite kind of fishing – blue water fly fishing.  It’s the last frontier of fly fishing!
Fly fishing offshore is the best! It’s rare that we have the opportunity to do this, but if you visit in September or October, we may be able to put you on some mahi, tuna or billfish on the fly!