Anegada Adventure Week

We have fallen in love with this spot on the north shore, Keel Point Cottages

New Trip!  This tiny British island, lying 15 miles north of Virgin Gorda, is sometimes referred to as “the last virgin.” Just nine miles long, with less than 200 inhabitants, the island is surrounded by an extensive and treacherous barrier reef which has claimed hundreds of shipwrecks over the years.  Anegada also has some of the most diverse bird life in the Eastern Caribbean.


Although we’ve been offering kayaking and camping trips here for almost 20 years, this year we have a new trip, our Anegada Adventure Week.  The trip includes round trip ferry transportation from Tortola to Anegada, 7 nights lodging at Keel Point Cottages on the north shore of the island, most meals (a couple of lunches in restaurants are not included) and all activities.


Here are the activities you can choose from:

Sea Kayaking: Because it is surrounded by reef, much of the island is inaccessible to larger boats. Our kayaks gently glide over the shallowest spots, allowing for our complete mobility inside the reef. We’ll paddle to distant white sand beaches and pristine snorkeling spots.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Anegada has some of the most amazing paddle boarding routes we’ve ever been on. We’ll go on some epic “downwinders,” along the north shore and along the south side of the island, gliding over sharks, rays, turtles and more. To see a short video of our downwinder, click here.

Fly Fishing: The extensive mangrove flats here offer the fly fisherman a chance to cast to bonefish, permit or tarpon. The bonefish here can be quite large. We’ve caught several in the 10 pound range, and have seen a few that are over 15 pounds!

Surfing and Paddle Surfing: The north shore of Anegada has great waves. Some of the best surfing is at the western end of the island, where the waves wrap around the end of the reef. It’s great surfing when the conditions are right. It can also, at times, be BIG. Therefore, it’s not an ideal place to learn to surf.

Snorkeling: There’s amazing snorkeling on the island. In fact, you can snorkel right off the beach in front of the cottages. But the best snorkeling on the island, in our opinion, is at Loblolly Bay. The coral reef is gorgeous hee. In fact, it’s some of the healthiest coral we’ve ever seen..


Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: ArriveTortola.  We will meet you at the ferry terminal in Road Town at 3:00pm for a 3:30pm ferry departure.  This ferry takes about an hour.  Once we arrive in Anegada, we will head to the North Shore of the island and get checked in to our cottages at Keel Point, then enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset!  A fabulous dinner will be prepared by our guides while you relax and enjoy the views!


Day 2:  Our first full day on Anegada.  We will have breakfast at the Gazebo overlooking the water, then head to our kayaks for an introductory lesson (for those who need it).  We’ll begin paddling in the clear, turquoise waters and head to a nearby snorkeling spot.   After snorkeling, we paddle on to our favorite lunch spot: Cow Wreck Beach.  We’ll have lunch here at this funky beach bar and restaurant, then do some more snorkeling in the afternoon.  Feel like a siesta?  No problem!  There are beach chairs and hammocks you can hang out in.


Day 3:  Ready to try paddle boarding?  We will spend the morning teaching you the basics in the calm, clear waters right in front of our cottages.  Once you master the basics, we’ll head off on a “downwinder” along the North shore.  You’ll see turtles, rays, barracudas, possibly even a shark as we glide along in the shallow water. The great thing about downwinders is that we don’t have to work our way back upwind! We will rendezvous with a vehicle at the end of our paddle to bring us back to our cottages.

Day 4: What would you like to do today?  Would you like to try fly fishing for bonefish?  We can give you a lesson in how to fly cast and then put you on to the fish! How about a morning bike ride for an hour or two and then a swim?  What about surfing or paddle surfing?  Or another day of kayaking?  These are all options and you can decide what you do each day!


Days 5 through 7: More of the same!  If you want to spend the day in a hammock with a good book, that’s ok, too!   If you want to spend every day kayaking or paddle boarding or fly fishing, we can do that.  This is your vacation and we will make sure you relax and have fun.


Day 8:  Regrettably, it has to end some time.  We get up early to catch the morning ferry back to Road Town, Tortola, where you can catch a ferry to St. Thomas or head to the airport at Beef Island.

Please note that this is a sample itinerary, which may be changed due to wind, weather and sea conditions.

  • Length of trip: 7 nights
  • Accommodations: Beach front cottages
  • Included: 6 nights lodging, most meals (a couple of lunches in restaurants are not included), all equipment, round trip ferry Tortola-Anegada-Tortola
  • Departs from: Tortola, BVI
  • Rate: $2495/person

Please click here for our schedule of Anegada trip dates and prices.