Fly Fishing Rates

These rates are for chartering the boat. I can comfortably take a maximum of two adult passengers/anglers on board. I can take three passengers if at least one is a child.


  • Half Day (4 hours): $400  Half day charters are usually 7am to 11am, or 2pm to 6pm. 
  • Full Day (8 hours): $600   Full days are normally 7am to 3pm.  Should you do a half day or a full day? The decision is yours, but you’ll get a lot more opportunities for catching fish on the full day, and also have the chance to target more than one species – i.e. bonefish and tarpon.
  • All charters include rods, reels, flies (all the necessary tackle), bottled water, soft drinks, ice, fuel, etc. You just need to bring wading shoes (flats boots), polarized sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen! It’s important that you practice your casting before you come down here. If you’re a fresh water fly fisherman and have never fly fished in the salt, you’re going to need to be able to cast a minimum of 40 feet accurately. If you don’t know how to double-haul, you’ll want to learn. Our guides are happy to help you with your casting, but you’ll have a more successful charter if you put in some practice time before you get here.  We look forward to fishing with you!